Jellica​/​Various - Microparty Megamix 2007

by Jellica

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    Jellica's Microparty Megamix 2007




Originally released on in April 2007

Hardcore chip rave megamix action.

David E. Sugar – OTB
GwEm – Song 4 Hannah
Jeroen Tel – Golden Axe
NES Zelda Advert
Josstintimberlake – Pig
Grandtheftandrew & Sonofsam – Nobody Does It Better
Commodore Amiga Advert
Bit Shifter - Parapersona Crash
Martin Walker – Armalyte
Josstintimberlake - WarIsFunAfterAll (for all you reggae fans out there) (Music From Cannon Fodder)
Josstintimberlake vs. Jon – Last Will On Earth (Music from Monkey Island)
Jellica – Can I Steal A Little Love?
Japanese or Korean Gameboy Advert
Mister Beep – One Bit Sound
Josstintimberlake – Cidhauzemofo
GwEm – Coding On E
Atari Advert
Josstintimberlake - commar2
Josstintimberlake – My Navel
Josstintimberlake - Pig
Josstintimberlake – Shadys Back
Bit From Impossible Mission
Goto80 – Phh
Josstintimberlake – un007
Japanese Gameboy Advert
Jellica – 333eopj.87
Josstintimberlake – sterncrew
Josstintimberlake – deznoz
David Bowie – Magic Dance
Vim – Relentless
Jeroen Tel – Savage
Jeroen Tel – invest
Japanese Sega Megadrive Advert
Katnip Kru – The Rules according to Jellica
Josstintimberlake - Jelly
David Whittaker - Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins
Gameboy Zelda Advert
The Winstons - Amen, Brother
Josstintimberlake – Commar 2
Josstintimberlake – Novaload CBM
Josstintimberlake – Flailing Mantis
Katnip Kru - Genocide Of The Feline Concept
x|k – trn_174


released April 1, 2007




Jellica Cambridge, UK

Jellica is an electronic musician based in Cambridge, England, who uses an old grey Nintendo Game Boy and a Commodore 64 to create wobbly techno and electro. He also runs the chipmusic netlabel


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